Bringing world-class solutions to clients since 1991

Benchworks, a different breed of agency

Unique culture and business model challenges employees to stretch their belief in what is possible. Lean, flat organizational structure gives employees immense autonomy, demanding in return gracious client service and progressive thinking to push our clients and our agency forward. We harness our expertise for clients in a wide variety of industries, including life science, pharmaceutical, medical technology, technology, real estate, food & beverage, construction, education, manufacturing, insurance, and finance.
Meet the Team

People are our most valuable asset

We’re a group of leaders, marketers, designers, developers and business strategists unrelentingly committed to speaking to your audience and growing your business. We work hard to be effective communicators, flexible partners and strategic thinkers. We’ll work hard to gain your trust. And we do it all with an uncommon graciousness. We can’t help that—it’s just who we are.

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  • Yes, we do that

    Print ads? Check. Websites? You know it. Broadcast? Can do. Emails? No problem. Internal communications? Absolutely. Banner ads? You betcha. Anything else that comes along? The answer is yes. Because at Benchworks, we’re medium-agnostic. We don’t live to design your brochures, we live to find the best solution to your marketing needs.

    • Brand Development
      & Strategy
    • Creative Brand
      Development Services
    • Digital &
      Social Media Services
    • Health System
    • PR
      & Communication Services
    • Ethical Drug
      & Med Device Distribution
    • Brand Team
      & Operational Support
    • Tactical Plan
      Creation & Execution
    • Patient Recruitment
      & Clinical Services
    • Agency Philosophy
    • Interaction Process
    • Strategic Insight Process
    • Sales Training & Support
    • Convention & Conference Marketing
    • Medical Education
  • At Benchworks, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance. From the leadership team to the front lines, Benchworks promotes a culture that emphasizes the value of integrity, responsibility, and doing the right thing. Through training, standard operating procedures, and a dedication to remaining current on regulatory requirements, we ensure our employees meet and exceed our regulatory responsibility.
  • How we work

    Agency Philosophy

    Benchworks improves lives through marketing. We connect people through experiences. A privately owned company founded in 1991, Benchworks Inc. provides strategy, design, production, and implementation of complete marketing and branding services.

    Interaction Process

    We believe Benchworks exists to serve clients, build brands, and grow businesses. Our organization is committed to improving our clients’ lives by taking work off their desks and always being a gracious partner.

    Strategic Insight Process

    Leveraging robust strategic insights and research, we combine science and concept to arrive at truly unique solutions for our clients. We develop ideas that change the way people feel about a brand.

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