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Benchworks Hospitals and Health Systems

Benchworks Health sets the bar for excellence in all we do, exceeding clients’ expectations. Much more than a marketing partner, Benchworks is a business solutions provider helping hospitals achieve greater efficiency, quality, and revenues through new technologies that improve the consumer patient experience.


  • Digital Marketing, Mobile & Apps
  • Market Research & Strategy
  • Branding
  • Creative & Web Design
  • Employee Engagement & Communications
  • Social Media & Monitoring
  • Staff Augmentation

Top Technologies


Marketing & Predictive Analytics
Our CentraForce technology eliminates waste in marketing budgets by instantly identifying target audiences and their socio-economic and socio-behavioral determinants of health, and combining this data with their individual trusted communication preferences. This translates to more efficient effective campaigns using fewer dollars to reach a well-defined actionable target audience.

This marketing technology enhances the digital customer journey by combining proprietary predictive analytics with efficient patient-focused technologies for today’s mobile world, such as targeted personalization of relevant information only to users most likely to respond.

Benchworks also designs mobile applications to improve performance in myriad areas including information and way finding, clinical care, and service-line marketing.


Increasing Pre-Care Revenue Through Patient Education
Benchworks’ FinPay solutions increases patient financial payments through a unique technology that helps patients understand and pay part of their hospital or outpatient bill before receiving care. Patients make down payments for their care, and are offered appropriate payment options such as installment plans, low-interest medical loans, healthcare-only credit cards, and financial grants to pay for care.

This Patient Financial Management strategy stopped profit leaks from unpaid hospital bills at Recovery Centers of America, a national behavioral health system. As a result, patient payments before care rose to 55% of the entire bill, and total patient financial responsibility paid was 81%. These increases were more than 450% higher than typically received, and amounted to more than $1.5 million in additional revenue for the system.


Improving Quality of Care by Reducing 30-Day Readmissions.
PHARxSIGHT is a medication reconciliation platform that aids in the transition of care. The program helps recently discharged hospital patients stay out of the hospital by encouraging and following up on medication adherence with a variety of communication tools, including text messaging to patients and caregivers and individual calls to their pharmacies and pharmacists to ensure patients have the right medications. And if patients can’t afford a prescription, for example, PHARxSIGHT works to find a similar more affordable prescription.

PHARxSIGHT has saved hospitals thousands of dollars each by lowering the number of 30-day readmissions through its medical reconciliation technology.


Increasing Employee Engagement and HR Training Through Video and Social Media
Viddler is a unique video technology system that integrates with a hospital’s or health system’s learning management system. It works by encouraging employees to watch company videos and earn points that they can redeem for branded items in an online employee store. As part of this program, there is a secure internal social media site that allows employees to share comments and photos.

At St. Luke’s University Health System in the Lehigh Valley, about two-thirds of the employees watch at least 2 videos per month on average. And the program has paid for itself through more than a dozen employee referrals for care at St. Luke’s.