Christina Norris to Lead Benchworks Clinical

“After all, the ultimate goal of research is not objectivity, but truth.” – Helene Deutsch

It has been said that the three most important factors to consider in real estate are: location, location, and location.

Similarly, the three most important factors to consider when developing a successful communication and launch strategy for a pharmaceutical treatment are: research, research, and research.
With that in mind, Benchworks announces the launch of our clinical research consulting practice, which will be led by Christina Norris. The clinical research consulting practice will bridge a gap in our industry that has, for years, been largely ignored. The idea behind this venture is to optimize the link between successful clinical trials and the approval and launch of new drugs.

With more than 20 years of experience planning, developing, and executing patient recruitment programs for clinical trials, Christina will head business development efforts for the new venture and will serve in a leadership role in operations and client services.
“We are excited to be adding this capability to our roster at Benchworks and for Christina to be leading the team,” said Benchworks CEO Thad Bench Sr. “Her experience in the areas of patient recruitment and investigator engagement will be valuable to our clients who are looking to bolster their clinical operations and seamlessly transfer landscape knowledge from the clinical setting to the commercial operation, leading to a more successful launch.”

Communication strategies for a clinical trial dictate how successful a program will be. We believe utilizing one integrated partner to guide biopharma companies from initial clinical efforts to approval and launch enhances the commercial success of a pharmaceutical treatment, and why we have launched a clinical research consulting operation.

Our clinical research consulting practice capabilities will include:

• Patient Recruitment and Retention
• Branding and Marketing
• Advertising
• Digital/Social, Media and Print
• Education and Training
• Investigator Meetings
• Study Rescues/Recruitment Boost Meetings

“Creating the best ‘story’ and choosing the most compelling ‘language of engagement’ can now be delivered through a single holistic approach with Benchworks Clinical,” Christina said. “This will lead to much greater upside for our clients.”

From the inception phase of a clinical trial to the launch of a new drug, the way biopharma companies communicate with patients, physicians and study team members has an enormous impact on ultimate program success.

And our clients’ success is the goal of Benchworks Clinical.