Four Digital Marketing Myths That Could Be Hampering Your Success

Digital marketing can do a lot of good things for your organization—it can engage clients and prospects and build and sustain relationships with them, educate, lay the groundwork for sales, and help your company grow. But all these things will be much harder to achieve if you are still relying on these 4 commonly held myths as your roadmap.

  • Myth #1: The more marketing content you produce, the better

In the past, Google rewarded sites that added new content every day with higher search rankings. That’s no longer true, and for good reason. The old algorithm resulted in a flood of poorly written, not very interesting content that provided little or no value. Pumping out low-quality content won’t help your search ranking, but it can drive away clients and prospects who believe they can’t trust a company that provides junky content.

What to do: Rather than quantity, focus on quality. Provide information that solves the challenges your clients and prospects face. Share the unique insights and expertise of your employees and leadership. And don’t go for the hard sell—digital marketing isn’t the same as advertising. You’re building relationships and positioning your company as a trusted resource that clients and prospects will turn to again and again.

  • Myth #2: If you post it, they will come

Uploading great content to your website or blog is a good start, but it isn’t enough. How do people know what to look for or where to find it if they don’t know it’s there?

What to do: Create a robust social media presence. Figure out what social media sites your clients and prospects check frequently, and then regularly post to these sites. Be sure your posts are well-written, provide strategically on-target content, and include links to related non-sales content on your website. And remember, social media is about starting conversations, so don’t just post something and forget about it. Check in often and respond to comments and questions.

  • Myth #3: Every piece of content you create needs to be long

Long feature articles, white papers, and other types of long-form content have their place and can be really effective in the right situation. But not every piece of content you create needs to be thousands of words long.

What to do: Think about what your clients and prospects are looking for. Do they want to read a 2,000-word article or would 500 words deliver the information quickly but just as effectively? Offer a mix of content lengths and styles (blogs, infographics, feature articles, news recaps with your take on the issue) and you’ll connect with more people.

  • Myth #4: Content’s created; marketing’s done

A lot of people miss this last, very important step: you need to gather data to figure out if your marketing is on the right track.

What to do: Before launching your digital marketing, set realistic goals about what you want to achieve. Then track how many people are reading your content, where they’re coming from, and any demographic information you can gather. There may be other metrics that matter to you, so tailor what you’re measuring to what’s important to your organization. The data you gather can help you tweak your marketing so it’s more targeted and effective.