Get moving after Movember

November is winding down and along with it Movember activities. But that doesn’t mean men’s health issues are any less important come December, or that there’s nothing you can do to combat diseases such as prostate cancer the other 11 months of the year.

Here’s one way all men can carry Movember through the coming year: exercise.

Physical activity and exercise are critical, for example, in keeping the prostate healthy. Being active not only helps fight prostate cancer and lessens the potential side effects of treatment, it also helps prevent recurrence of the disease. Plus exercise is important for general health—managing your weight, maintaining muscle and bone strength, and improving overall physical and emotional health.

Physical activity simply means moving your body in ways that requires it to use energy. Walking, gardening, climbing the stairs, playing soccer, or dancing the night away are all good examples. Pick activities that fit your lifestyle and that you enjoy, and aim for moderate or vigorous intensity—physical activity that makes you breathe harder and your heart beat faster.

Moderate physical activities include:

  • Walking briskly (about 3.5 miles per hour)
  • Bicycling (less than 10 miles per hour)
  • General gardening (raking, trimming shrubs)
  • Dancing
  • Golf (walking and carrying clubs)
  • Tennis (doubles)

Vigorous physical activities include:

  • Running/jogging (5 miles per hour)
  • Walking very fast (4.5 miles per hour)
  • Bicycling (more than 10 miles per hour)
  • Swimming (freestyle laps)
  • Basketball (competitive)
  • Tennis (singles)

So get moving, guys. Movember is only once a year. But you can take care of your health all year long.