PM360 ELITE names Benchworks’ Vujanic, Porter 2018 winners

The PM360 ELITE awards recognize the most influential and powerful minds working in the healthcare industry today. This year, two of those minds work at Benchworks: Brenda Vujanic, COO, and Taylor Porter, account supervisor for the Sun/oncology account team.

PM360 is the premier information resource for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. The organization established the ELITE Awards in 2015 to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions across 18 different categories in the healthcare industry, from creative director and drug researcher to sales MVP and tech geek.

Brenda was recognized for her top-shelf work on the launch of Adzenys. At the time serving as executive vice president, Brenda helmed the Agency LRB account team in its role as HCP AOR for Neos. Under tight deadlines, she expertly led the team through execution of concept development and testing, followed by development of brand vision, positioning, and strategy, on an accelerated timeline. Her work solidified a close working relationship with the client, and led Neos to tap Benchworks as AOR for a second medication launch. Brenda was recently promoted to COO for Benchworks.

Taylor was chosen as a 2018 Leader of the Future for her outstanding client work. For someone who has been with Benchworks for less than 4 years, Taylor is making her mark in a big way. She has led support for 3 brands under the umbrella of a prominent, long-term client, bringing her trademark thoroughness and innovative thinking to tactical and creative recommendations. She also was instrumental in helping Benchworks land an AOR assignment for oncology and long-term care products this past year with a new client, a multimillion dollar account. Taylor was recently promoted to account supervisor.

“I am extremely proud of both Brenda and Taylor,” said Melissa Johnston, President. “They are amazing team members and leaders. The time, effort and dedication that they put into each and every project, program and task helps to elevate our client’s brands. The time, effort and dedication that they put into each and every project, program and task helps to elevate our client’s brands. Brenda’s ability to handle the multitude of competing priorities during a product launch is astounding. She leads her team with grace and quiet strength. Taylor’s dedication to being the best and most knowledgeable account supervisor puts her at the forefront of strategic thinking and innovation for the brands she supports. She is a leader with a bright future at Benchworks.”