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Solving the Problem of Clinical Trial Recruitment

How common are problems recruiting patients for clinical trials? A study by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development found that 37% of sites in a given trial do not meet enrollment targets and 10% never enroll any patients. In addition, study timelines are doubled so that enrollment levels can be reached.

Informational / July 30, 2018

Benchworks Launches New Division to Support Hospital Marketing

  At Benchworks, we are constantly asking “What’s best for the client?” and “How can we leverage our expertise in innovative ways to achieve client goals?” Because first and foremost, Benchworks is a solutions provider. So it should come as no surprise that we’ve launched a new division, Health System Marketing, to put our know-how […]

Company News / July 25, 2018

Playing it Safe On Facebook

It’s an image that’s become recognizable to people everywhere: Mark Zuckerberg poised on a leather booster seat, nervously sipping water as 44 members of the Senate dissect the social media platform the CEO developed in college. While the hearing explored controversial Facebook-related incidents such as the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, the overall goal was to […]

Informational / July 25, 2018

Why Content Marketing Outshines Traditional Advertising

Content marketing does things differently. Rather than interrupting another experience, content marketing is information you seek out and choose to read or view. You come to the content when you want to. And it isn’t a hard sell for a product or service. Good content marketing builds relationships and creates a loyal customer base by providing its target audience with interesting, high-quality information that educates, entertains, or engages.

Informational / July 18, 2018

Are You Using The Right Marketing Channels?

The key is choosing the right marketing channels to reach your target audience, and then using those channels to begin building the relationships that are the real foundation of any sale.

Informational / July 11, 2018

Four Digital Marketing Myths That Could Be Hampering Your Success

Digital marketing can do a lot of good things for your organization—it can engage clients and prospects and build and sustain relationships with them, educate, lay the groundwork for sales, and help…

Informational / June 27, 2018