Benchworks branches out

Most guys in Thad’s position slip into semi-retirement and start a winery. But Thad's different. He continues to innovate, pushing the boundaries of what Benchworks can be for its clients. Because there’s always one more mountain, and it’s still exciting to climb it.

Safe Chain—A Benchworks Company

Safe Chain Solutions, a Benchworks Company, is a rapidly growing distributor serving customers worldwide through its two divisions, Logistics Solutions and Healthcare Logistics Solutions. With more than 3 decades of experience and demonstrated dedication to customer service, Safe Chain Solutions is the clear choice when choosing a distribution and supply chain partner.

As a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, Safe Chain Solutions helps both public and private sector companies across all industries manage their supply chains. Safe Chain Solutions offers the personal service of a small company with the competency of a large company, and the safest, most reliable, and affordable 3PL services available.

Safe Chain Healthcare Solutions is a full-service distributor of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. We are licensed with the Maryland Board of Pharmacy and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and we are both cGMP and cGDP compliant. We ensure the highest level of safety, integrity, and dependability throughout the supply chain with Safe Chain QC Pro Rx™, our comprehensive, proven, quality control process, formulated around the motto “each order is more than just a package, it’s a patient.”


822 Chesapeake Dr
Cambridge, MD 21613
+1 855 437 5727

MedTech Division

The life science sector is undergoing rapid change, driven by the same kinds of technological advances that are reshaping our culture. It’s disrupting healthcare in multiple ways, from how we develop and deliver treatments to how we market therapies.

In response, we created MedTech, a division of Benchworks, that guides clients through the commercialization of new medical devices and technology solutions in the fields of telemedicine, diagnostics, drug delivery, and infusion. Benchworks has a track record of innovative thinking that consistently puts us on the front edge of industry trends. We continuously evolve to best support our clients—MedTech is a natural progression in our transformation.
MedTech seeks to fill knowledge and resource gaps in the new normal of today’s pharma world, while fostering the ongoing innovation and transformation of life science markets. We are uniquely positioned to deliver on this tactic—MedTech employs an integrated, expanded set of capabilities that leverages Benchworks’ expertise in two areas:

1. Our robust understanding of treatments in a wide variety of therapeutic areas
2. Our experience helping clients commercialize and market drug-delivery systems, diagnostic tools, and cutting-edge biologics

As a result, MedTech is able to pull together all the moving pieces that now make up the pharma pipeline, and then manage the entire process. Benchworks supports a range of client needs that validate this trend, including device delivery, logistics support, medical stories, and provider engagement.


954 High Street
Chestertown, MD 21620
410 409 1095

Agency LRB

Agency LRB, named after Thad’s father, Leigh R. Bench, is a full-service creative agency launched by Benchworks. This sister agency allows Benchworks to manage competing accounts as well as provide our growing client roster with greater access to our award-winning, quality service.
Located in the trendy Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, the artistic and creative nature of this area allows Agency LRB to take full advantage of the exceptional creative talent that exists here.


2424 East York Street, Suite 233
Philadelphia, PA 19125
410 810 8862