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BW Health Group announces strategic partnership with Occam Health Services and the appointment of Scotty Bowman as President

BW Health Group announces a strategic partnership with Occam Health Services (Occam) and the appointment of Scotty Bowman as president of Occam. Occam, an innovative player in patient support and HUB services, is dedicated to supplying the simplest patient solution for complex matters. BW Health Group’s alignment with Occam highlights their commitment to providing valued solutions to their clients while putting patients first.

​Press Releases / May 9, 2019

Meet Jeremy Shabtai, Benchworks’ new Director of Technology

Jeremy Shabtai recently joined our team as Director of Technology to lead strategy innovations for clients as well as expand Benchworks’ digital offerings. He has more than 12 years of digital marketing experience leading thought leadership and acting as a subject matter expert for emerging technology. He specializes in conceptualizing and developing innovative pilot programs, such as virtual reality education experiences, clinical research AI voice-assistants, chatbot customer support programs, and behavioral modification patient adherence platforms.

Company News / April 19, 2019

Could chat enabled search and immersive 3D experiences be the future of websites?

What could the future of websites look like? It’s not hard to envision based on ideas presented by two technology companies during this week’s SXSW convention.

Company News / March 12, 2019

International Women’s Day

The women of Benchworks share their favorite quotes and stories that inspire and empower them everyday!  As the oldest of 4 granddaughters to a woman who raised two children alone as a very young widow, I recall many stories growing up that described the experiences that made my “nana” the woman I so respected, emulated, […]

Company News / March 8, 2019

Benchworks, Inc. Announces Formation of BW Health Group Led by Tom McDonnell

New Parent Company Accommodates Continued Growth

Benchworks, Inc. has announced the formation of BW Health Group, an integrated healthcare company led by Tom McDonnell.

“The creation of BW Health allows us to further facilitate development of a commercialization platform to support the pharmaceutical industry,” said Thad L. Bench, Founder and CEO of Benchworks. “This move also helps Benchworks to continue acquisition of additional business units with efficiency.”

Company News / February 25, 2019

Benchworks to offer marketing and tech solutions to Pennsylvania health systems through HAPevolve

Benchworks recently joined HAPevolve, a subsidiary of The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP), as a strategic industry partner. From our perspective, it’s a smart collaboration for both parties: We offer innovative technologies for improving hospital performance and the overall patient experience. They connect hospitals and healthcare systems with subject matter experts. Win-win all around.

Company News / January 10, 2019